Monday, March 29, 2010

Called Out


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Rest In Peace, Nujabes.

I was never a fan of Michael Jackson, DJ AM, or even James Brown. I don't doubt their legacies, their contribution to music or to their respective cultures, however I simply was never a fan of theirs. Jun Seba, aka Nujabes, was a man I was indeed a fan of. A producer of some of the finest hip-hop inspired instrumentals, most often I found his beats so beautiful that to lace them with lyrics would seem to be an injustice.

Often times as I toil away on the computer on graphic design or Baybayin works, it would usually be the soulful sounds of Nujabes that would keep both my mind and spirit awake and inspired. A native of Japan, his music transcended cultural and language barriers... he was indeed an inspiration.

So, to pay tribute to this man's great works, I wanted to do a couple of renders of my favorite albums of his. The first would be Modal Soul. In this piece, I kept the general color scheme and look of the actual CD album art, and wrote his name, Nujabes, in the center of the piece in Baybayin (Nu-Di-A-Be-S). Click for full size


Modal Soul was quite dear to me because it was the first album of his I got my hands on. But it was the second album, Departure, that ultimately became my favorite. Nordenx's Baybayin Modern Block font used in this piece to spell out his name. Click for full size


And the side-by-side comparisons:


I'm not looking to print these out to sell for a buck. Click on them for full resolution and print em out if you're compelled to do so. Just be sure to look up his music if you haven't done so already. Rest In Paradise, Nujabes. Jun Seba is now among the stars he once counted.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mama said knock you out

Before Manny Pacquiao became a national treasure of the Philippines, another Pilipino pugilist sensationalized the flyweight boxing division all across America. Before the Pac Man’s rise through the weight class championships, there was one undisputed boxer who was known as the greatest fighter of all time that heralded from the Philippines; his name was Francisco “Pancho Villa” Guilledo.

Francisco "Pancho Villa" Guilledo

These days, many Filipinos are proud to feel that they’re being represented by such world class fighters outside of the esoteric Filipino martial arts. Our people are honored as Manny Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire, Brian Viloria and Brandon Vera enter the ring/octagon, proudly representing their Philippine heritage. However, many new-comers to subscribe to the fighting sport may never have heard of Francisco Guilledo, much like how many Filipinos may never have heard of Baybayin writing either. Francisco Guilledo, born in 1901, blazed the boxing world all across Asia before travelling to the states to compete and dominate. Having died at the age of 23, he left an incredible record of 109 fights, winning 92, and 24 of them by K.O. This short lived star resonates throughout boxing history and is a name highly regarded by boxing aficionados. I wanted to pay tribute to this Filipino fighter for this month’s Mixed Martial Arts theme to not only remember Francisco Guilledo, but to also echo my own sentiments about Baybayin; the Philippine culture is rich in history, and though some may have forgotten certain aspects of it, it’s never too late to look back and find strength through our own culture.

This piece is featured at the Baybayin Online Art Gallery, so be sure to check out the other pieces featured this month. 8x10 prints are available for $40 with frame. Email to inquire.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In case you ever wondered...

Here's the design exploration for this year's MAFA 2010 logo/shirt design. CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE

Exploration round:
MAFA comps

A double-sided shirt exploration:
MAFA comps

Refinement round. I was really feelin the bamboo idea replacing the laurels...
MAFA Shirt refine1

MAFA Shirt refine1


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Picture = 1000 Words (estimated)

But first, a video overview:

And now the pictorials. My first taste of Indiana in years...




















Words can't express... so much to say, but I think I'll leave that within the memories of those that were with me.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

One second...

Thank you to all the MAFA delegates, facilitators, friends and loved ones that came together at IU for the weekend! PICTURES AND VIDEO soon, I promise... and maybe a new Tutorial and project reveal for this week too? Whoa... hah!

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