Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ituloy Ang Laban

THE BAYBAYIN COLLEGIATE SERIES is allllllmost done, and prints of the university color-ways will be available at my booth at the 3rd Annual USC Mabuhay Festival Benefit Concert on October 10th. I heard proceeds are going to the Ondoy Typhoon Relief in the Philippines, so it's all for a good cause! Plus check the line-up of lovely talent in the flyer:

Mabuhay Festival 2009 flyer

That's wassup! Hit up USC Troy Phi for more info, and check the video below of the Troy Phi crew showin love to The Bathala Project and droppin info about the festival:

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Love College

I'll be at the USC Mabuhay festival this month, and in honor of my first collegiate festival, I'll be premiering a specific colorway of the new, Baybayin Collegiate Series - California. If you recall the Baybayin City Series, this is similar, only the color ways in this series will be specific to a couple of select colleges in southern California at first...

Here's a sneak peak:

Ituloy Ang Laban.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Too Big Tubig

Though the typhoon is over, the wake of Typhoon Ondoy remains. To give you an idea, Hurricane Katrina left 380mm of water, and Ondoy dumped 410mm.

So what can people outside of the Philippines do to help and support?
We can send financial aid. Check the following links to for ways to donate to the Philippines:
Financial-aid in Tagalog would be "Abuloy". So let's send it.



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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Polka Dot Pinay

Polka dots are still cool for girls, yeah?

Polkadot girls

Though I never remember polka dots being cool for guys, there's something distinctly feminine about polka dots. Maybe it's the circle being a traditional symbol for the womb? For mother earth? For her boobs? Regardless, I thought I could use the circles of a polka dot pattern as an inspiration for a Baybayin rendering. In the sketch (done on Engineering paper; I ain't lyin) you could see various drafts where I've written the word "Babae" (girl), and one attempt at writing the phonetic version of "Polka dot".

Web sketch scan

Couple of hours later, finally came out with a dainty and spaced out Babae Baybayin Polkadot pattern (Say that 5 times really fast...)

Web Far


Who knows... maybe this might turn into an actual garment in the future?




Friday, September 25, 2009

Introducing: Manila Ryce

Had the chance to interview visual artist, Manila Ryce during the 2009 Festival for Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) in San Pedro, CA. Manila Ryce talks about his art style, subject of choice, and a look at some of his projects. You can check out his works at

You can hit Manila Ryce at his website, on facebook, twitter, and watch him drop knowledge on youtube. The man does it all!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Nine Point Sun

'yall Filipino rappers might have to change up your lyrics when talkin about that 8-point sun, 'cause that's soon to be old school:

Quoted from The Inquirer:

MANILA, Philippines—The bicameral conference has approved the addition of a ninth ray to the sun in the Philippine flag to represent the Muslim people.

The flag’s current eight-ray sun represents the eight provinces that first rose in rebellion against Spanish colonial rule in 1896—Manila, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Laguna and Batangas.

Sen. Richard Gordon, primary author of the Ninth Ray Bill, defended the major alteration to the Philippine flag. He said it was a big step toward “reuniting the country.”

The Senate and the House of Representatives approved the proposal on Tuesday during the bicameral conference which met to reconcile the two chambers’ proposed amendments to the Flag and Heraldic Code.

The conference ironed out the differences between Senate Bill No. 3307 and House Bill No. 6424.

SB 3307 proposes amendments to Republic Act No. 8491, otherwise known as “An Act Prescribing the Code of the National Flag, Anthem, Motto, Coat-of-Arms and Other Heraldic Items and Devices of the Philippines.”

Included in the bill is Gordon’s proposal to add a ninth ray to the sun “to acknowledge the courage, bravery and integrity of Muslim Filipinos who fought for the nation’s independence.”

In a statement, Gordon lauded the approval of the ninth ray, saying that it would foster greater unity among Filipinos regardless of religion.

“We are a country that has had a conflict with our Muslim brothers for the last so many decades. I think this is a big step towards reuniting our country, recognizing the contributions of our fellow countrymen, the Filipino Muslims. We should recognize their deeds in our country,” he said.

Aside from Gordon, present during the bicam were Senate majority leader Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Representatives Del de Guzman, chairman of the House panel, Ma. Carissa Coscoluella, Salvador Escudero III and Roman Romulo.

9 points! That's 3 3-point shots! That's wassup.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Introducing: Christian Cabuay

Happy Friday yall. Here's a bit of video candy for ya: I had the chance to interview Christian Cabuay of and during the 2009 Festival for Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) in San Pedro, CA. This brotha has been holding it down in the online Baybayin game for a minute; longer than me I believe. In the interview, Cabuay drops knowledge about how he was introduced to Baybayin, how long he's been up, and a bit of insight on his personal writing style.

He also recently released an informational booklet on Baybayin writing, which can be found at

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Monday, September 14, 2009

FPAC 2009

Pictures from the weekend; it's my first festival as an artist, as I'm more familiar with the conference circuit. It was great. Day 1:

The booth:

Big Virg from Backroom Podcast Radio:

Bakit Why? Dahil kasi!


This lovely sista bought each colorway of the Ako-Siya prints! Much love!

Johnny Hussle and Ms. Stacey


Mr. Geologic Prometheus Brown


Luv MC showin some love!



Bad Ass Zar of Pnoy Apparel came through the booth. Apparently, it was one of his friends that won the auction bid for the California-Pnoy board. Big ups!!

Dave of Beatrock!

The afterset... you've heard rumors and hear say, and lets just leave it at that!


Ms. Camile Velasco

Phatrick and Mc Camile


Ms. EyeASage and her lovely hype-mistress

Deep foundation killed the set!

FPAC Day 2:

At the community walls, I was originally trying to piece out some Baybayin, but it wasn't working right... I think if instead of dividing the colors into blocks and just doing a top-down color fade I coulda made it work, but by the time I realized this, I was already running out of paint...

So I just bombed over myself!

Wouldn't you like to know who this is...

UCR Katipunan representin!


How Sama-Sama L.A. settles theire internal disputes:


Winding down with the PAN artists:

Overall, FPAC was incredible! My first time as an artist at a festival, the love I received was amazing! It was great to talk to people who shared similar ideas, had their own styles and unique takes on their heritage, and it was overall lovely. Got loads of videos that I'll post up soon, so be on the look out!

PRINTS that were for sale on FPAC will be available soon online! So stay up!

and much love.



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mamaya Na...

Much love to the people of FPAC, the contributors, volunteers, promoters, vendors, performers, artists, and the community that came through! I'm happily exhausted after a weekend of chopping it up with the community, network swervin, bustin random freestyles, soakin up some game, and givin out so many daps till my arm felt like it was about to fall off!

PICTURES SOON, until then, be sure to check out the gallery and browse the site!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Swaggin'

FREE SWAG THURSDAY is BACK! To participate, simply follow The Bathala Project on either Twitter or Facebook, and keep an eye out for the Free Swag Thursday quiz question; first person to answer correctly wins some free Baybayin stylin' goodies that you know and love.

This week, FST winners will receive Mahal Prints as shown here:


But if you have neither a Twitter or Facebook and are too lazy to follow, but live in the Los Angeles area (or around it), you can come through to purchase the Mahal prints (and many more other prints) at the Festival for Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) this Saturday (9/12) and Sunday (9/13), at Pt. Fermin Park - 807 Paseo Del Mar in San Pedro. Also there will be Rex Navarrete, Geologic of the Blue Scholars, Supreme Soul, AJ Rafael, many of your favorite Fil-Am artists, food, fun and lots of cool stuff to see, do, eat and purchase... it's gon be crackin!

Check the event line up, as presented by Mr. Bambu:

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Buff Monster...

This is ridiculous, sad, and just an overall bummer. As quoted from the Ironlak post:
Saber's legendary LA River piece buffed.

This is a massive bummer. There is no denying the relevance of this piece in the history of graffiti and it's removal has caused mass debate (no pun intended).


SABER's legendary LA River piece is now a true part of history: CLICK.

A one-year, $837,000 contract, funded by the Recovery Act: CLICK.


As a former writer and a avid fan of graffiti art, this really hurts the heart. Saber's piece was a monument as to the drive of a man on a mission; what can one man do to make the biggest piece of artwork with so many obstacles in his way, and still come out on top? A 20-year-old Saber completed this incredible feat in one month, having survived the random encounters with cops, bums, gang bangers and security. This isn't just some big ass roll-over, the Saber L.A. river was a PIECE; A MASTERPIECE...

But the city needs a villain; one with many names and many faces, so that it can battle forever with limitless funds. Taking away the Saber piece, maybe they thought they slain a giant, when in reality they made it a martyr. There will be paint on the streets. I think once the word hits the streets, the writers will reply in turn.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

After the party's the afterparty

The Festival for Philippine Arts and Culture on Sept 12-13 in San Pedro. THE BATHALA PROJECT will be at the PAN Pavilion, fall through!

The FPAC After party, Sept. 12 at club Social in Hollywood. Shirt The Kids L.A.!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


EyeASage aka Rocky Rivera aka Ms. Krish dropped her music video for MRSHMLO today. Check this west coast lady's swag, and try not to drown in it:

MRSHMLO from Mikhail Shapiro on Vimeo.

And while we're on the subject of hiphop, found this dope short-documentary about the Fil-Am community in Hip Hop, directed by Mark Redondo Villegas.

Hip hop don't stop.
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