Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Oddly enough, packing this thing costs more than shipping it. Go figure.



Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Looks

Only Monday, and it's already been one of those weeks...

The "R" sounds is a tricky one. Since there's no "Ra" character expressed in Baybayin, one has to use phonetic estimations. So the word on the web is that if the "R" is following a vowel making a "Ra, Re, Ri, Ro, Ru", then one should use "Da" and the apporpriate Kudlit. However, if it's just an "R" sound, then one should use "L".



Design for Ms. Darang. Following the phonetic estimation, it really says, "Dadang". And since this is going on her hip, I suppose that's the right word.


Darang in Baybayin

Furthermore, Brother Vincent Jessen from Loyola University (Chicago) informed me that he's writing a research paper about Baybayin, and through his researched found that Baybayin is an "Abugida", which is an alpha-syllabic writing system. The difference between an Abugida and a syllabic writing system is that an Abugida requires indicators to change vowel sounds (i.e. the Baybayin Kudlit). A pure syllabic writing system (Like Japanese Katakana) just has different syllables for every pronunciation.

Good looks Vincent Jessen, stay up.

Which brings me to a thought, which will make a video rant very soon; Correcting Each Other. It seems to be a Filipino/Asian past time, but apparently we love to do it. Sometimes it's for the best, other times it's just to fuel the ego trip. There are times and places to correct each other; brother Vincent was courteous and CORRECT with his, but I've received a few that have just been... audacious and asinine.

Some people try to critique my style, saying it's wrong because I add dots-and-dashes in my handstyle.

Lord Light My Path

But really, that's just a STYLE. How are you going to call a style WRONG? Adding dots and dashes is a graffiti practice, and being in the city of Los Angeles where the graffiti scene is so strong, ofcourse I'm likely to take influence from it.


But I'll proliferate on this idea more in the upcoming video.

Working on some pitch pieces for Pnoy Apparel, and I'll reveal the special canvas piece this week. Free Swag Thursday is still crackin, so STAY UP!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spoken Word Sundays: Abet

I met Abet during the MAFA (Midwest Association of Filipino Americans) 2009 conference earlier this year, backstage at the pre-show performance. I honestly thought that I would be the only spoken word performance of the night, but during sound check, I was crushed to hear this lovely young woman spit some poetry. Crushed, because she was nice with it, and it made me realize I can’t half ass my sh*t!

I had the opportunity to chop it up with her for a little bit, and she was gracious enough to bless me with a little sample of her Midwest-flavor. I’m more accustomed to hearing faster-paced, rapid-fire delivery styles from Los Angelino heads (‘cause you gotta fit that 3 minute limit!), so it was nice to hear some of that stretch-pull steez from the Chicago lady herself, Abet.

This week should be pretty dope; I'll be posting up some artwork (finally!) to share with you all, and revealing more projects on the way. Stay up!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bay Area Echoes

NEW CANVAS PIECE DONE, and new tattoo done too! Pictures and presentation soon to come, but let's kick back for the weekend, yes?

It's been exactly 1 year and 1 week since I took this video during my cousin's 21st birthday in San Francisco:

And funny enough, a year later during my cousin's 22nd birthday, history repeated itself:

The point I want to bring out here is the Bay Area (NorCal) vs SoCal rivalry that seems to be in the air. It's never been official, but it's often referenced and regarded. Non-Californians that have only been to one and never both don't fully understand the differences, but those who know can honestly tell you that it's like being in a different state or country altogether.

Which brings me to my find of the WEEK! As a Southern Californian (and Los Angelino), the differences between the Bay and So-Cal are apparent in reference to my experience having lived in So-Cal. While late night YouTube-ing last night, just for kicks I typed in "Norcal vs Socal"... link after link I finally hit the hilarious jackpot: has fortunately led me to Bay Life: The Life and Times of Saul Cohen

A hilarious and outlandish exaggeration of a kid spitting Bay colloquialisms and mannerisms...

Granted that Bay heads aren't actually like this, but at the same time, there are some that ARE exactly like this... "Aye blood!" In SoCal, that's understood as a Blood Gang association, but in the Bay, it's referred to as a term of endearment, like "brother" or "fam". It's odd for a SoCal-head to hear "blood" from a Bay head and not know what's being meant... and it's hilariously exploited throughout this wonderful YouTube series.

Still not as prolific as ButteryAss Mondays, but still enjoyable anyways. It's a small series, so watch it and favorite it...

Spoken Word Sunday tomorrow? Maybe.
New Art coming soon.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

FST: Free Swag Thursday

And yet another Free Swag Thursday has came and went! If you wish to participate, be sure to follow The Bathala Project on either Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes FST (Free Swag Thursday) is Twitter exclusive, other times Facebook exclusive, but for the most part, it's on both. So just keep an eye out!

Last week's FST winner, Janelle, is being sent (late) this name card:

Janelle name card copy

It doesn't really look that grimey in real life, but I thought it looked cool to raise the contrast. The name card is the phonetic translation of her name, Janelle, as "De-A-Ne-L". Since there is no "J" in ancient Tagalog, the characters "De" and "A" are used in conjunction to put out a similar sound. Hence, the word for Christ Jesus in Tagalog is "Dios Kristo". The characters get sprinkled with some handstyle and shaped into a love-ly heart, a little something special to compensate for the late send.

Stay up,


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Included in this post are photos from CLUB NV (MARCH 21ST 2009, SATURDAY), so to all you lovely people that are expecting photos, just continue to scroll down...

In other news...

I went up to the Bay area for the weekend to celebrate my cousin April's birthday. It was my first time using Virgin America airlines, and I must say... everything you've heard is TRUE.


Interactive screens, selectable interactive menus for food, drinks, video games (Old school Doom!), movies, tv shows, and WIFI?! And comparable prices with Southwest and Jet Blue! I'm sold.


Went street stomping for a little bit with cousin Kyrk, and guess who I found at Rasputin's Record Shop in Berkley? Bay area knows what's GOOD.


**** And now for the Club NV pictures ****
The disclaimer: First of all, to all the people coming to this site looking for your pictures, I'm sorry to inform you that I'm NOT a club photographer. I'm a Baybayin Artist... that sometimes takes photographs of people at clubs and hand them my business card, which brings them to my website. Clever promotion, no? But I'll still post up your pictures, don't worry.

And anyways...

At night, went to Club NV to celebrate Ms. April's birthday, along with her cousins. And now for the pictures... (*Readies club-soft-blur mode*)




White girl got an Asian glow.



And THE WINNER of the fake-club-photographer series is this woman and her friend. To be honest, the only reason why I approached them to take their picture was because my cousin April pointed out that you could see the girl in blue's boobs. I said, really??? But she was too far to get a good look. So in my usual style, I approached and inquired, "Picture for the website?" Apparently, my cousin was referring to side/top boob, not center boob.


The word that's faux-tattooed on her is "Magkalapit", which refers to two people being close in proximity... or two breasts being close. Whatever.

*** end club pics ***

The next day, I was finally able to present to April her birthday present, the "Agape" canvas.


Agape translates to "Christian Love", but is generally referred to as "God's love". My cousin used to tag Agape (on paper and legal walls, mind you) and she used to be heavy into the church-community. She still is, but not as much as she used to be...

Agape canvas

Stomped around the city, had lunch with the fam at Max's Chicken of Manila:


And had a fight with Jolli-BEAST


Came back home, and now I'm back on the artwork grind! Trying to finish this special project... details soon to come!

Stay up,


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spoken Word Sunday

First of all, to all the people from CLUB NV that I took photos of on Saturday night, pictures will be posted earliest by Tuesday, as I make my way back to my base of operations in Los Angeles. But feel free to wander around the website and discover what The Bathala Project is really about...

And now our feature presentation:

This week's spoken word Sunday is from the homie Lyraflip (Project Blowed/Swim Team/Thirsty Fish) freestyling alongside my brother-in-rhyme, Stimey on the beatbox. Video quality took a dip as I was using an older digicam, but just listen in on that So-Cal freestyle steez.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

From L.A. to the Bay...

Bay Area fam! (That's Northern California {That's the San Francisco/Oakland area} for you non-californians)

I'll be stomping around the Oakland/Sucka Free this weekend until Tuesday, so if you wanna meet up and discuss or get some on-the-spot translations/designs, email me!

This week has been quite busy, been producing some concept work for a couple of commission pieces and pitch designs... if all goes well, you might be seeing some familiar hand styles on a shirt near you! Also working on a very special canvas piece... that will be revealed in the upcoming week (or two).

Lastly, though I will be in the Bay until Tuesday, Spoken Word Sunday is still ON... kind of. Just stay tuned!

And before I fly on over to Nor-Cal, lemme break you off with some freshness

Dyan copy

Baybayin design for Dyan. It says her name, Dyan.

There were two ways about phonetically translating the name, "Dyan", which were either as Da-yan or De-yan. After consulting with her, it was decided that De-yan would be the closest translation to her pronounced name.

I'm quite satisfied at how the characters came out; I developed a bit more on my regular break-and-repetition style, and followed the curve lines more closely. I think it came out quite nicely.

Biters fall back or get your teeth cracked!



Thursday, March 19, 2009


First of all, keep an eye out on either Twitter or Facebook for today's Free Swag Thursday trivia question!

Introducing the first Baybayin Skateboard Deck by The Bathala Project: The "Penguin" Deck

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The homie Pengwyn, sent me a deck to paint up for him. It was my first time painting on a skateboard deck, and it was alot of fun! Shoutout to all the kids that put up how-to videos onto youtube as to how to paint on a deck!

Baybayin Skateboard: close View

When I first started stylizing Baybayin, the first thing I could think of was to proliferate the characters into graffiti-like pieces and hand styles. I would do them on hats and give them to friends (Shoutout to Nasser, Bernice and Gyn!). It's been a while since I last did a full graffiti-style Baybayin piece, and I thought the deck's shape allotted the best space to do it. Pretty simple gradient fill in, yellow outline, no crazy techs used. Chunky old school steez...

Baybayin Skateboard: right view

Written is "Pengwen", the closest phonetic translation to "Penguin" I could think of without getting too complicated. It's not customary to translate English words into Baybayin characters, but f*ck it, I'm claiming poetic license for this one!

Baybayin Skateboard: Left View

Acrylic and Deco on skateboard deck. Clear coat acrylic applied over top layer.

Baybayin Skateboard



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fil-Am'in Jammin'

This... is essentially the soul behind The Bathala Project; the second generation youth expressing their pride of heritage through means of media they've come to use as a second gen...

If you're reading from an import (i.e. FACEBOOK), just click here.

Otherwise, enjoy:

BIG UPS to Deep Foundation, Hydroponikz, Nomi, Koba, Kiwi & Encite!

New project coming SOON... can we say... kick, push?  Or kick FLIP?



Monday, March 16, 2009

You can't see the tears rollin down my eyes...

...so I gotta make this piece cry.  (ala Jay-Z)

This week's piece was heavily inspired by KR's drip style.  Many attribute to him the drip style of graffiti, but in reality, drippy and juicy tags have existed since the first over-loaded brush hit the wall; long before KR was ever considered a thought.  To pay homage to the graffiti roots however, I show in this video how to make a classic home-made mop of the most finest quality.  Be sure to follow the link if you want to watch in HD:

Written in Baybayin (alibata) is "Luha", the Tagalog word for "Tears".  

The drips... silver is sorrow, gold is for joy. Joy runs thin while sorrow runs thick; it'd be nice if we cry out of joy more often, but chances are, you're crying for reasons of sorrow... or you're yawning a lot. Click the picture for full size.

Baybayin Canvas: Luha (tears)

Copyright reserved.  Biters fall back or get your teeth cracked.



Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spoken Word Sunday (and then some...)

Be sure to watch in HD:

This week's Spoken Word Sunday's piece, Caramel Complexion, is performed by my good friend Ian Porter (aka DJ Stimey). Stimey is my brother in rhyme, representing the other half of the Wise Intellects Crew. And when he's not kicking ass on the mic, you can catch him doing some dope artwork with special effects make-up and illustration.  The piece, unofficially titled "Caramel Complexion", is Stimey's perspective on being half-black, half-white, and his thoughts on how society treated him as such while growing up in a racially conscious world...

Unfortunately, the camera I've been using to make these videos, my Lumix LX3, was stolen/lost at a kickback over the weekend... don't worry though, the videos will still continue, they just might not look as pretty.

And in other news...
Went to Eagle Rock Plaza to show support to the Gabriela Network's event.  GabNet is a fil-am women's community organization, promoting leadership, organization and education.  Word.  Unfortunately, my cousin and I arrived when the stage hands were dismantling the performance stage.  Still, had the opportunity to talk and introduce myself with their crew. 

<span class=

And ofcourse, all your familiar heads around the way. DJ Phatrick chillin with GabNet.

<span class=

Some BakitWhy heads were in the house as well:

<span class=

<span class=

Pretty chill though we only caught the event on the tail end. When I got home, the 6-day Santa brought a brotha a gift:

<span class=

Lastly, for last week's Free Swag Thursday, the brotha Leonard from VA won some swag. Instead of doing my usual break-and-repetition style, I've been experimenting lately with more hand-style driven scripts. Leonard will be the first to receive a custom piece with the new steezy on his book mark:

Leonard Car

Characters used were "Le, Na, D". New canvas piece soon to be revealed, unless you've been staying up on my Youtube and Vimeo accounts, then you might've already seen the vids... you nosey kids!

Stay up,



Friday, March 13, 2009

Rule #4080...

"...Record company people are shadyyyy." ~Q-tip

First of all, to all the people coming to this site looking for your pictures, I'm sorry to inform you that I'm NOT a club photographer.  I'm a Baybayin Artist... that sometimes takes photographs of people at clubs and hand them my business card, which brings them to my website.  Clever promotion, no?  But I'll still post up your pictures, don't worry.

Went to club Area last night, as The Dream was promoting his new album, thus performing on stage with cameo appearances by Fabolous and Kanye.  Unfortunately, I was stuck behind a massive crowd of people that had no clue what they were doing with their cameras...



And now that the obligatory pictures are out of the way, it's time for a new edition of The Faux-Club Photographer series. Well, since it was a music-industry thing, everybody, anybody, and wannabe-anybodys in the music business were in the building. I could've been getting drinks spilled on me by some nameless rapper for all I knew. But as far as the Fil-Am community goes, our attention lately has been centered on America's Best Dance Crew, simply because of the high presence of Fil-Am's on TV because of the show. Lucky me, ABDC heads were in the house. Why? No clue.

Super Cr3w showing support. Homie Ian on the left hooked it up with getting in, so expect to see him in a few more pics. The Super Cr3w brothas were cool though. But I guess it's because they thought we worked for the club or something. Homie was like "I love what you're doing, keep continuing to build." Word to big bird.



There were many lovely ladies in the house that night, but I was really looking for girls to pose for my Baybayin-manips. No dice yet, just fly sets.




Homie Ian and the hookup crew



Beat Freaks. They were nice. I met one of them outside; she's either polite and reserved, or annoyed and silent (with a nice smile). I was hoping to do a Baybayin-manip on them as well, but alas, no clear strips of skin to write on.  I wonder if they chuck a deuce at me 'cause I'm Asian?  That's RACIST!  lol


The club was PACKED. Which led to people brushing up against people hard. I don't mind as long as you say EXCUSE ME. But if you're just gonna stomp on people's shoes and push past them? Ya finna get SLAPPED


Quest Crew dudes were cool. Homegirl fucked the picture up. She kinda reminds me of my friend Elise... only darker. Nice.


Respect to the Quest brotha on the right for rockin LETTERS


But diss for brushing past and making a lady spill some of her drink on both her dress and my pants without a word of courtesy.


Go-go gadget dance


LASTLY, the picture (the website followers) have all been waiting for, the Baybayin Manip. The word of the day is "wala" (pronounced wah-lah), meaning "nothing". Why write "nothing"? Notice how everyone gives a nice smile? And who didn't get the smile memo? Homegirl with nothing on her lips but lipstick and a kiss.


Now that we're out of the club, 86 the pretty gloss blur. The true celebs of any Hollywood club were on their grind:


But REAL L.A. heads know the BUSINESS:


Big ass torta. Yezzir.

P1030350 stampless copy

The winners of free-swag Thursday are being sent their swag, or it will be sent soon.  Also, have a new canvas piece done, that will probably be posted Saturday.  And lastly, Spoken Word Sunday is still on with a piece from the homie DJ Stimey... watch out now!

Stay up,