Friday, September 26, 2008

DVD Review: Monaco Nights

Rappers have hood movies, Rockers have tour movies, Skaters have skate vids, Snowboarders have snowboard vids, and Graffiti Writers... have graff flicks.

When I watch a graff flick, I'm looking to see footage of live bombing (proliferation of one's moniker via marking or etching onto a well seen medium) specifically. I'm looking to see how they get to their spots, what kind of paint they use, their can control, their paint process (outline color first? fill-in color first?), how fast they paint, their handstyle... really, I'm looking to vicariously live through their actions, and watch and feel the raw sense of urgency, immediacy and accuracy.

With that said, Monaco Nights, a European Graffiti flick is... lacking. Very. What you can expect to see are videos of LOOKING AT (subway) trains with graffiti ON them already, via a shaky camera hand. Monaco Nights plays like this:
  • 20 minutes of looking at bombed trains
  • 5 minutes of painting on/in trains
  • repeat.
So, if you're like me and all you really want to see is bombing footage, then don't get your hopes up, and pass on this DVD. Also, for my American writers, this DVD may not interest you since ALL GRAFF on this DVD are on/in euro-subway cars. There is NO footage of highways, freeways, streets, alleys, heaven spots, billboards, or extinguisher tags, which the American graff scene is known for. Also, unlike American graff flicks, don't expect to see any random footage of naked strippers/hookers, public pranks, or street fights either.

However, the plus side: Though Monaco Nights really is a glorified graffiti SLIDE SHOW, you can expect to see great quality masterpieces at all times. Displaying a variety of European piecing styles, accompanied with a constant soundtrack of euro-electronica-fusion music, this DVD is pretty good for background music/visuals while you chill with your friends. I'd probably play this on the PS3 during a bbq kickback or while playing cards/Connect4 with the homies...

When it's all said and done, Monaco Nights delivers good visuals, shaky camera work, interesting bombing vids (though they are few and far in between), good constant soundtrack, and is perfect for those that LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOKING at train graff. But really, you could probably go to a railroad crossing and listen to your ipod and get the same effect.


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