Friday, May 16, 2008

No history, no self...

...know history, know self. ~Pnoy/Pnay Apparel

There is a problem facing those seeking self-realization and social/political change. It is very important to know your history; the history of your family, yourself, your community, society, government, country, or whatever history is the subject of what you wish to see change in. Otherwise, you might end up repeating bad choices and mistakes from the past.

However, memories can change personal history. Bad gossip can change a family's history. Bias can change the history of a community, and political agendas can change the history of society, government, and countries. So the big question is, how do you know the choices you make are not a simple result of somebody's previous experimentation? A recent poll done by Cambridge University showed that 80% of Americans think that their country is heading in the wrong direction, as opposed to 20 years ago when less than 60% thought so. What if some powerful figures are working behind the curtain to MAKE us think such thoughts? This way, the people will CRY, they will BEG for change (because after all, change = hope, right?), and then the men behind the curtain can send their puppet to play to the crowd...

One issue of influence at hand here is the media. Because of the utilization of technology to spread information across the globe instantly, suddenly every minute detail of any tragedy is heard of. This was clearly exampled by the recent earthquake in China; here we are, thousands of miles away, hearing about a massive tragedy that JUST happened. When 9/11 occurred, people in India read about it in their morning news paper. When Katrina happened, students from universities around the world were having fund raisers to help out within a week. We hear about bombings, suicide missions, natural disasters, and all this is compounded by the hype of TERROR, and apocalyptic prophecy; what you are given is a resulting tension in the air, are the current social climate as the product of such.

But I bet you didn't realize that the world is at an all time LOW for global violence since the 1950's...

It hurts my head to CONSTANTLY wonder the agendas behind every commercial, every television show, every movie, every radio song, every bit of periodical literature I come across... I can't decide or trust if I am observing a genuine opinion/fact, or if it's just another bit of influence from "them" to make me think a certain way... I grow weary and tired of the distrust, but at the same time, I feel it necessary to keep an open and cautious mind.

Moral of the story: Don't read in too deep into the things you hear, see, or read. Then again, same thing can be said about this post.

Be free, think free.


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