Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yall a bunch of BITERS! *

*quote from Beat Street

So after designing the Espada Boxing company logo, I thought that the owner needed some new business cards rockin em. I was thinking; classy, bold, eloquent, simple, direct, professional. After several design exchanges with the man, he finally came to really like my black-dotted concept:

So as the story goes, the girl he usually goes to for graphics was taken back by it; she was apparently upset to find out that I was chosen to design the company logo, the updated event poster, and now the business card. But c'mon... I don't wanna hate, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I could shit better designs than her standard-photoshop-filtering ass.

One night, before the boxing show, the man picks up his business cards. He calls homegirl up and asks if they were printed; she confirmed that the business cards he sent in (my design) were printed and are to be picked up at Kinkos. He goes to Kinko's and is greeted with these:

Please believe, they look worse if I had a better picture of them. Basically, SHE RAPED MY DESIGN. She bit my front layout, but then added all these asinine ONE-CLICK filters all over MY LOGO, and added some bull shit in the background. The back is just TERRIBLE, and THERE IS NO SUBJECT, just INFORMATION. Her shit looks like a 16 year old was trying to design a club flyer! FUCK THAT SHIT! And I thought, "Oh, maybe the girl isn't too experienced with design. How old is she?" She is... 30 (ish). AT THAT AGE I would fucking EXPECT some kind of LOGICAL REASONING in design! GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!

And though I feel quite violated, and my guy that I designed the biz card for is quite discontent with the printed product, he did get it for... free.

Oh well.

Keep bitin', bitches... Imma still do my thang like this lil guy:


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