Saturday, September 26, 2009

Polka Dot Pinay

Polka dots are still cool for girls, yeah?

Polkadot girls

Though I never remember polka dots being cool for guys, there's something distinctly feminine about polka dots. Maybe it's the circle being a traditional symbol for the womb? For mother earth? For her boobs? Regardless, I thought I could use the circles of a polka dot pattern as an inspiration for a Baybayin rendering. In the sketch (done on Engineering paper; I ain't lyin) you could see various drafts where I've written the word "Babae" (girl), and one attempt at writing the phonetic version of "Polka dot".

Web sketch scan

Couple of hours later, finally came out with a dainty and spaced out Babae Baybayin Polkadot pattern (Say that 5 times really fast...)

Web Far


Who knows... maybe this might turn into an actual garment in the future?




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