Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Buff Monster...

This is ridiculous, sad, and just an overall bummer. As quoted from the Ironlak post:
Saber's legendary LA River piece buffed.

This is a massive bummer. There is no denying the relevance of this piece in the history of graffiti and it's removal has caused mass debate (no pun intended).


SABER's legendary LA River piece is now a true part of history: CLICK.

A one-year, $837,000 contract, funded by the Recovery Act: CLICK.


As a former writer and a avid fan of graffiti art, this really hurts the heart. Saber's piece was a monument as to the drive of a man on a mission; what can one man do to make the biggest piece of artwork with so many obstacles in his way, and still come out on top? A 20-year-old Saber completed this incredible feat in one month, having survived the random encounters with cops, bums, gang bangers and security. This isn't just some big ass roll-over, the Saber L.A. river was a PIECE; A MASTERPIECE...

But the city needs a villain; one with many names and many faces, so that it can battle forever with limitless funds. Taking away the Saber piece, maybe they thought they slain a giant, when in reality they made it a martyr. There will be paint on the streets. I think once the word hits the streets, the writers will reply in turn.

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