Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Putula v Futura

2010 workshop attendees will already have received a copy of this, but now the rest of the world may download it for free. My new Baybayin character chart, showcasing my own designed Baybayin font, "Putula":

Click image to download

I designed the font so that it compliments the sans-serif font, Futura:
Baybayin Vs. Futura


I'll soon render the font into a usable TrueType (or maybe Openfont?) Font for all to use soon. If you look at modern Asian magazines, specifically Chinese and Japanese magazines, you'll notice that if they use a serifed roman font, then the accompanying Chinese/Japanese character font will have tail ends as well. Vice versa, if the magazine article is using a sans-serifed roman font, the accompanying character font will have no tail ends. In an effort to modernize Baybayin and proliferate it through graphic design, I feel that it is necessary to design as many contemporary, complimentary fonts as possible, more so than descriptive, fancy fonts. In this way, a designer may be more inclined to use a complimentary Baybayin font in more publicly viewed print/web articles for further visual communication...

Translation Tuesday will be back next week.

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