Thursday, April 8, 2010

Warriors came out to play

What's your definition of a modern day warrior? There are ways to fight and fend for one's own loved ones, community, and own survival in many different ways than just brute force. I highlighted many individuals that I thought had a warrior spirit in one way or another, be it their dedication to the community, how they approach their careers, or their overall attitude in life.

The Mandirigma (Warrior) piece is a set of three renders: a poster, a desktop wallpaper and a shirt design. Modeled by Stacey Ceylon:

Wallpapers are nice, but I'm a sucker for posters. So I also rendered a 22"x34" poster, which is also available as an 11"x17" poster as well. I'm not sure how I'm going to distribute this... so catch me at FPAC? Or just email me.


But why stop at wallpapers and posters? I think it was one of my Estevan Oriol tshirts that really inspired this whole project. So, for the third render, I made a halftone-dot shirt piece too:


Mock up (no, it wasn't actually printed...):

It's been a while since I posted a piece that I thoroughly worked on, as well as a video piece, so I really wanted to come back with a BANG. And to say "my bad", I put up the Desktop wallpapers for free.99 to download!

Video BG Music - House of Flying Daggers by Raekwon feat. the Wu-Tang Clan

Appearances by: DJ Stimey, L. Scatter Brain, Manila Ryce, Deep Foundation, USC Troy Phi, Shining Sons, Sama-Sama Carson, LUV MC, Bambu, Power Struggle, Stacey Ceylon, and Kyrkland

Stay up,




alfie bo balfie said...

dope, cyph!! skills with the design and the motion graphics.. oh, my question is, where are the females at? and i don't mean just one modeling. is there a part 2 to this?

ps and by noooo means, am i pushing myself on the propoganda. lol!

alfie bo balfie said...

because let me add, i don't see anything "warrior" about the female represented here.