Wednesday, January 9, 2008


According to Philippine mythology, Bathalang Maykapal, or Bathala for short, was the Supreme God of the ancient Tagalogs and King of the Diwata.

Legend has it that Bathala fell in love with a mortal woman when he was visiting the Earth. They got married and had three children: Apolaki, Mayari, and Tala.

Many years had passed and the three younglings grew up to become mighty demigods. The time has finally come for them to take their rightful place in Kalualhatian. There was a big feast in the Sky World and both gods and humans were celebrating. After the feast was done, the ceremony of initiation began. Bathala came out of the crowd and summoned his children to stand in front of him. He then appointed them with a task. Apolaki was appointed "God of War" and "Guardian of the Sun". Mayari was appointed to be "Goddess of the Moon". Tala was appointed "Goddess of the Stars". The three offspring of Bathala soon became known to be among the greatest of gods and goddesses.

Sun god Arao and the moon goddess Buan both had large families of stars, but Buan believed her stars could not survive the heat of Arao's. They both agreed to destroy their stars. While Arao devoured his, Buan hid hers in the clouds, where they would occasionally emerge. Upon seeing this, Arao was filled with rage and is eternally in pursuit of the Buan, trying to destroy her. Eclipses are explained by Arao getting closer...

We, as humans, are creatures of rational thought; constantly trying to make sense of the world around us through reason, logic, superstition, religion, association, visualization, explication, motion, emotion, and whatever else that we think we can control. We are the gods of our locale. We are the heroes of our stories. We are the philosophers to our thoughts. We are the silence in our fears. We are the loved in our eyes.

As the gods forgotten are passed off as mythology, at one time, ancient peoples saw reflections of themselves within these stories of magnificent, benevolent beings. They gave these characters unfathomable traits beyond their own comprehension, inspired by their desires, dreams, and inspirations.

These are my thoughts, creations, poems, pictures, songs, rambles, my being, all coming from somewhere within.

The Bathala Project.

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