Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Off the top

Another Alibata hat for my friend, Gyn.

Her name, pronounced as "Jin", or "Gin" for you beverage fanatics/alcoholics, is phonetically represented as "Dien", as there is no "J" in the Tagalog language. So, if your "American name" is Johnny, then your Filipino name would probably have been along the lines of Dionny or Dionisio...

Dien is phonetically represented by the Di, E, and N glyphs as shown:

So, in my own handstyle, I wrote it out, and then emulated and proliferated (and emancipated, oh my!) it into full characters:

Click for full details. Notice the handstyled characters in bold black ink. Also notice the random characters I was sketching. ^_^

I thought the design would look fly if I put it on the side... and it would have been perfect had I been painting on a fitted hat. However, it was a stretch fit cap, and as I soon came to find out, primer solidifies fabric and thus preventing any stretchability of said stretch fabric. Oh well; it'll be a snug fit. However, it still came out nicely I think. Definitely more legible (well, that is if you read Alibata) than the Nas hat. A compromise between style and comfort I suppose...

Momma thought it looked nice, so she decided to model it for me.

More details

Primer on cotton stretch fit cap. Decco paint markers used for the design. Main fill in of characters is silver, accented by red, outlined in black. Yellow outlined the characters. The hat itself is black, with streaks of white resembling sun rays coming from the characters. It draws attention to the design, pointing it as the subject of the piece. The colors are as bright as can be; the shine of the silver and the imposing brightness of the accents made it really pop methinks...

She received the hat in the mail the other week; said it was fly, but said nothing of fit. I guess it'll be a conversational, decorative piece that would lay about her apartment. Heh...

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