Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bakit Up ++

Went to the's BakitUp++ event on saturday night to not only celebrate's 1 year anniversary, but also to check out the fully printed design of my California Pinoy Board made for the silent auction. To see a digital design I did applied to a physical medium was an awesome experience. Good looks!

The board design is a re-interpretation of the California flag with elements of Filipino imagery, including the Philippine eagle, three stars, sun, and maintaining other elements of the cali flag such as the red bar, red stars, bear, and even the titles, which read "Republica California" in Baybayin (Alibata). I wanted this design to represent the feel of the assimilated/integrated mix of american-filipino lifestyle that I see, live and breathe in So-Cal. I was a bit... "audacious" at the time, having sampled some of the open bar's supplies, sponsored by VuQo Vodka, the Philippine vodka produced from coconuts. It was FANTASTIC!

Board mockup1




Overall, it was a great event, well organized by the hard working crew of Head of, Jer, givin out the salutations:


And Jer pimpin:



Great performances and free VuQo vodka. What more could you ask for?! Ms. Ashley Robles:



Me and the brother stimey rolled through, shmoozin and network swervin:




Lastly, BIG shoutout to the Co-Directors of TAYO Literary Magazine! They're having their launch party SATURDAY, August 22 at the Salakot Sizzle and Grill in L.A. These lady's really made my night; Melissa on the right designed this crazy-dope informational booklet about Tayo Magazine; well aligned, well designed, type faces and pen traces... love. And Ms. Kristine on the left revealed herself to be the soulful sis that danced as the bird in the USC PCN! I had to stammer to refrain from speechlessness.


Big ups again to for a great 1 year celebration! Also, shoutout to Pnoy Apparel's Zar! Hearing about his and his crew's grind, work ethic and standings is always a big inspiration!

Stay up,




Word said...

Whoa, that board is ill as fuck. Props.

Anonymous said...

You made our night too. :)

- Melissa
TAYO Literary Magazine