Friday, August 21, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic...

Comp for a PSA-poster on Compulsive Shopping (aka shopaholic-ism). There's two versions, same image but different text: this one shows statistics regarding MALE compulsive shoppers, the other set is for women... who make up 80% of the compulsive shoppers demographic. :-o

Click for full size:

Close-up on the text. Click for full size:

I worked more on the main image (shoutout to Libby for posing her lovely self and using her own credit card!) than the actual layout of the text... which can be sorely seen. The statistics are from 2006-ish... when people still bought CD's. heh... Ah well. Remember, all you shopaholics, the mantra: "Do I need this?!"

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