Sunday, August 23, 2009

My bad... maybe.


The more I was looking at this, and trying to re-read what I wrote in Baybayin, the more I had this sinking feeling in my gut... skepticism.

The lovely lady's name is "Charmaine", which was pronounced as "Shar-main"... The "Sh-" sound is one of several English soudns that doesn't translate well in Tagalog/Baybayin. As it's written in the picture, it reads along the lines of "S-ya-l-me-n", which I guess COULD work phonetically, but the "Sh-" sound isn't completely there. It's like saying "siyampu" instead of "shampoo", it's a phonetic estimation. It's not exactly wrong, but it's not exactly RIGHT.

My goodness, I'll be thinking of her name all night.. ^_^"

Pics from the Tayo Magazine Launch and the Sama-Sama "hip-hop" workshop coming soon!

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