Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spoken Word Sunday: They Say...

At the risk of losing fans of The Bathala Project, I'll opt for flexing some honest expression. Finally, after what seems like forever, an original spoken word piece of mine: They Say...

Like many Second-generation Filipino Americans, I was raised Catholic; and like many of my own generation, I would later become a skeptic...

Before you start debating and soap boxing your opinions, know this; I believe that there's no empirical proof that a god doesn't exist, however I also believe there's no empirical proof that a god does exist. This piece is about keeping an open mind, and to look past what you've been told to find what you find true to yourself. The word "Bathala" itself means the "supreme being", and was the name that the ancient Filipino people used for their god, before the Spanish came and replaced it with the word "Dios".

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Word said...

Strong piece bro!

Isn't it crazy that when one starts to look back into their roots, religion is 1 of the first things that you lose?

Before "religion" was imposed by colonizers in their campaign to control the world, "indigenous" cultures everywhere had some sort of spiritual system honoring their ancestors, those that came before them.

We need to get back to that! Who else but our direct blood can show us the path to help/better ourselves? The world has tried religion... look at the state of the Earth!

It's time people! Gising na!