Friday, November 13, 2009


An older piece from the vault, the "Yakap" card:


Yakap means "Hug" in Tagalog. When I was a toddler, I recall my mother telling me that 5 hugs a day keeps a heart healthy. So before I'd fall asleep, I'd try to make sure I'd get my 5 hugs in... somewhere along the line, I guess I forgot about that.

The characters "Ya-Ka-P" were used, however back then, the way I stylized my P's were pretty funky; kinda looks like a Ta character... ah well, "It was cool at the time." This piece was done on card stock, painted with spray paint and acrylic brush. I made it as either a birthday or a happy-graduation card for someone dear. I bring this all up because for this Thanksgiving, I'm trying to clutch together a special design to be given (and if you ask nicely, maybe for you to purchase!).

Stay up,


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