Thursday, November 5, 2009

That New New'

The "logo" that I've been using to represent The Bathala Project was never intended to be a logo at all. It was actually a tattoo design for a lovely young Filipina out in the U.K. who wished to have "Bahala Na" tattooed. A couple of days later, I sent her this:

Bahala Samples copy

Which later got refined to this:

Bahala Na sample

And, out of laziness to script something of my own, made it into this:

Samples Banner

It might be pretty and all, but as a logo, it fails at several things:
  1. It's too detailed, such that at very small scale, the detail is lost.
  2. For an artist that openly uses the cross-kudlit, writing "Bahala" instead of "Bathala" is rather inconsistent of myself.
  3. Because Baybayin is generally not a recognizable shape, if presented on a piece of paper, the viewer may not know which way is right side up
So, after a couple of failed ideas, I finally present to you all the new logo for The Bathala Project:

New Bathala Project Logo

Mono-weight line to match the accompanying monoweight text (Helvetica and Gotham), simple "two color" contrast, recognizable circle geometry, and an overall modern aesthetic to communicate what it is I do with Baybayin; ancient script with modern styling.




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Still feelin' the old one. Maybe gotta get used to this first. Peace!