Friday, January 16, 2009

Copyright Violation, eh?

"There's nothing new under the sun" ~Nas

Arite Deviant Art, I get that you're pissed that I used pictures from a Victoria Secret catalog to ruthlessly deface them for my fun and leisure, but really, if I'm not profiting off of it, where's the harm?

1. Victoria Secret gets some shine
2. So do I
3. If money changes hands, it's probably them that gets dough for prissy bitches coppin their bikinis. Shit, I even left the bikini descriptions on the scans!

But I understand the copyright law and all that bullshit. So it is what it is. I'll graciously take the loss, 'cause I know if Victoria Secret gets in that ass of yours, it won't be bikinis and bitches for ya... but I'll be laughing my ass off while it happens.

And Victoria Secret, get over yourselves. You put this bullshit in everybody's mailboxes this time of year, and you expect everybody and their grandmother to love your shiny new catalogs like it'll save their lives?

If anything, I'M doing the favor here; writing outlandish statements on airbrushed models that women around their world become imposed by with insecurities that are reinforced by a commercialized vision of "beauty". For me, by scrawling "I'm fucking ugly" on a bikini model is the biggest joke of all that anyone can enjoy. Chin check the punchline to ya dome!

Shieeet... yall make me wanna vandalize somethin.

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venglish157 said...

You know This is going to seem Like a rant. But let me be the first to say F*ck the government. Ease up. There are plenty more terrible things out there than chastising people on the web. Where is this Patriot liberty that i was looking so forward too? A place where I could express myself freely and write my name anywhere I wanted. The government should be thankful I do not know how to bomb the internet.