Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Bahala Na...

Bahala Na Splatter

Negative space has always intrigued me. Like using white calligraphy against black paper, something about the inversion of the expected seems attractive and alluring... like unwrapping a present; each tear is a glimpse of the total package, while at the same time each tear is revealing less of the wrapping paper.

Bahala Na, written in my original hand style. The letters themselves is for a little English girl's tattoo that I'll soon prep the letters better for presentation. BaHaLa Na, which contains 4 Baybayin characters, were designed especially for her such that each character is designed with another character within for each syllable of her name... More on this later.

"Killin yall on this Baybayin shit, mayonaise colored benz, I push Mircale Whips..."


venglish157 said...

Zero PoinT EnerGy

venglish157 said...

Because i see my ex standing with my next girl standing with the one I one that fucking right now. Or shit can get weird or less they all down. Drake-Say what's real