Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a novel idea!

Some of you may remember my Vandalizing Victoria series, and how DeviantArt decided to take my series off my DA account due to Copyright Violation. Today, I had an epiphany as to how I could continue doing similar work that not only would get me some hits, but would also be completely legal (I think).

Dont Listen

Not too long ago, while my friends and I were at some club in Hollywood, I was in the middle of this packed cooridor, trying to take a picture of my friends. With my LX3 strapped to my hands, people around saw my proper-looking camera and assumed I was the club photographer. Suddenly, girls from left and right were pulling me towards their direction, asking me to take their picture for "the website". Thus, the "Fake Club Photographer" game was born. I would go around clubs, asking groups of people to take a picture of them, and if I came in with enough swag, they would ask me to join them, which would later lead me into introducing myself to the ladies of the group. Also, it's a great wing-man technique, as I could have a friend pose like he's a promoter or some rising-celebrity and tell people "I need pictures of him with the public..." The rest is up to him to make up his story....

One time playing this game, people started asking me for "my card", so they can "see their picture." Typically I just give people a bullshit website name and they're satisfied. But that got me thinking... what if I actually posted their picture on this blog? But then, why would I do that? The Bathala Project is my art site, focusing on Filipino-American life and the revival and proliferation of the Filipino writing system, Baybayin (aka Alibata). How could I justify taking pictures of drunk Hollywood girls and posting them on The Bathala Project?

Random Club Girls

Then I started thinking about my copyright violation notice for my Vandalizing Victoria series, and hit me: Because the people at the clubs are GIVING me consent to take their picture, therefore, the picture is MINE to use and manipulate. That's how paparazzi make their money. This is how I will get my UPS. Also, since the experienced club-goers know to ask for a photographer's business card, I could give them my own business card, leading them to The Bathala Project where they can find Baybayin-stylized pictures of themselves!

Sad part is, for fear of slander, liebel and defamation, I'd have to draw "nice and complementing" words on them, unlike the Vandalizing Victoria series where I would write shit like "I'm fucking ugly" or "I'm stupid and skinny" all over them. But whatever. With the increased traffic, I can quickly get Baybayin some major ups in the local Hollywood/club community. A little bit of Guerilla Marketing just might be what the Baybayin and Filipino Cultural community needed...

2009 is MINE.

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