Sunday, January 25, 2009

For the ladies...

Real talk.

Yet again she has a revelation today
With a bright new perspective on all that may//
Saying that her old self is dead and gone away
Yet it isn’t the first time I’ve heard her say//
Dead & gone away, cause it’s just for the day
till tomorrow the sorrows come back to stay//
So we stray into the night, under the glowing lights
She hope the liquor drown her quicker than the tears in her eyes//
She’s burned many bridges built by her guilt in disguise
Extinguished by the rivers that she cried into the skies//
But she’ll lie to herself, and take a look at her life
And she refuses to see, though it’s all in plain sight//
That her definition of happiness isn’t making her smile
But she tries to make it fit ‘cause it’s what’s currently in style//
She walk a mile in shoes that she know she don’t like
But it’s what her friends do to strut their stuff to guys//
Behind her eyes is a girl that’s screaming inside
But she’s supposed to be happy with her current way of life//
She’s expected to be perfected, or at least be fine with it
So every revelation she has is just a new lie she’ll try to give-//
To herself and to her loved ones to show that’s she’s fine
Cause after lying to herself for so long, she lives the lie//
And it would all work so well if only the girl inside
Wasn’t screaming for truth behind her silent eyes//

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