Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vandalizing Victoria

Without the luxury of having hundreds of young, beautiful, and willing models to strip their clothes off for me to paint Tagalog phrases in Baybayin on their bodies, I decided to do the next best thing: Draw on pictures of young, beautiful, and overly paid models in a Victoria's Secret swim suit catalog. Click on any picture for full view.

This actually turned out for the better, because I could write the most outlandish things on them, and they wouldn't flinch a bit.

The following sums up the experience of it all:

One person said, "That's mean."
In between my laughs and chuckles I replied, "I know, right?"

The "Vandalizing Victoria" series, part 1.
No copyright infringement was intended. No profit is being made; just a lot of laughs and entertainment.


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