Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amateur Operations

Some people ask me where I get my stock images from for the composition pieces that I do.


Faux Baybayin Magazine

The first go-to place for me is the stock-exchange. It's free, good resolution (for being free) and has a large database. However, the premium account (the one you pay for) definetly has the better library and often times I won't find the right angle or crop; Plan B - DeviantArt. Looking for good stock photos on DeviantArt is like trying to find a blond hair in a haystack. Unless you're looking for stocks of naked people looking sad and depressed, often times it's hard to find what you're looking for, and anything relevant to the search parameters you entered.

Plan C, which requires me to actually get off my butt, is actually the best option; shoot my own stock photos.

Contact sheet sample

I'm lucky to have cousins, friends and loved ones that are willing to help me out and pose for me. Every photo session gets more and more refined as I learn more about what I need and what I'll do with the picture. I used to shoot hundreds and hope to get an idea by the time I'm done. Now, I'd shoot around a hundred or less with a more refined idea of what I'll do at the end. And of course, none of this would be possible without my girlfriend of (almost) 1 year, my baby, the Lumix LX-3:

me and my girlfriend

Wide angle lens, RAW format capable, HD video, all in a compact black matte steel body. And to those that wonder what my photo-studio looks like... well...

It's an amateur operation over here at The Bathala Project, but we turn feces into fertilizer and make roses grow from concrete; or at least I try to.

THE MABUHAY FESTIVAL in 2 days! Come through USC on October 10th noon time to attend the benefit concert for Typhoon Ondoy, and stop by my booth to cop some swag and say wassup!

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