Monday, October 5, 2009

The Baybayin Collegiate Series - California

Ever since the Baybayin City Series, I've been wanting to revisit this style of Baybayin stylization, but could never settle on a single subject. Until recently, my attention has been averted to helping some of the Fil-Am student organizations at the local universities around Los Angeles; to my fellow midwestern college kids, let me tell you that the diversity out here is different. In the mid-west, your Fil-Am student organization is considered strong if you have 40 active members. In California, you're considered small if you have 70.

Think about that.

It's very interesting to see the differences in dynamics and social gatherings between the two groups. While in the mid-west, though the organizations are much smaller, they are also very tight-knit and supportive in solidarity. Very intimate, and can easily become your second family. In the west coast, with larger organizations, the activities a crew can achieve and set up are quite profound on their own. Also, they have more man-power to utilize as far as set up, clean up, fund raising and communications/networking goes...

pfa 05ish
Purdue Filipino Association (+ friends) circa Spring 2005ish

UCR Katipunan
About half of UCR's Katipunan, circa Fall 2007ish

So, to celebrate Filipino History Month and pay homage to the local Fil-Am student org community, I've revamped the Baybayin City Series and present to you, The Baybayin Collegiate Series - California

Colors portrayed in this first run are (from Top to Bottom): USC, UCLA, Cal State and CSUN.
The Baybayin Collegiate Series - California

I'm open to more universities color ways, but don't know who to do. Leave a comment and let me know. PRINTS of the USC colorway will be available at The Mabuhay Festival this Saturday on October 10th! Fall through and catch that trojan steez.

Mabuhay Festival 2009 flyer

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