Tuesday, October 20, 2009

P.O.W.E.R. Up

Sunday, I went to the P.O.W.E.R. event up in Fresno in support for the relief fund raising event for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. Together with different fil-am orgs from Fresno state and neighboring schools, alongside the local community, held in the FilAm community center, the whole event was full of love and support... I've never held central cali in any regard, but after last weekend, they truly burrowed a spot in my heart for them.

This short video shows the jist of my trip: Left Saturday night, crashed at my cousin's place in Bakersfield. Sunday morning left Bakersfield, rolled through some ridiculous fog, and arrived at the POWER event in Fresno. Saw performances, sold some prints, then blazed on back to angel city.

Pictures, on the other hand, tell detail. On the way up, saw this gnarly gas station called "Gas War"... looked kind of sketchy though.

Sunday morning, Bakersfield to Fresno.


Setting up shop


The homie Marc, who was my main connect and invited me up to the event. Much love, bruddah! Sick DJ too!


Saw big homie doing some spoken word... I was starting to get the ITCH. hahaha...





The set up committee were so accomodating, they even fed a brotha! And this... listen, I've never actually ate diniguan that I've cared for. However, after this weekend... I've a reason to crave the "chocolate meat". THIS RIGHT HERE? They actually USE MEAT! This was like, cubed meat and cartilage. FANCY!


The source

The claim. For the record, I would like to verify; it is true.


The host did a bang up job at keeping the party rockin and informed. Good job!

Oh, this girl... RIDICULOUSLY cute. When she saw my Bahaghari (Rainbow) piece, she was nagging her mom to buy it for her. This was toddler-level nagging, mind you, so you should only imagine what this little tyke was like! And with puppy dog eyes like hers, guess what she went home with?

UC Merced came through to represent and support!

When it was all said and done, the long drive home...


Thanks to Bakersfield, I am now aware that Texaco gas stations still exist

It was a great event, the group was so very accomodating, open and was on this level of "niceness" that I wasn't accustomed to... Next time I drive up to the Bay, I might actually slow down in the middle and catch some vibes...

Stay up,




Rammel said...

Hey Man this is Rammel, I was the MC, Thanks for coming, your presence in Fresno was truly felt! I can tell with all the name tags everyone had! Thank you for spending the day with us and showing your support for our kababayan

tercia said...

Hey!! This is Tercia!! The girl that was around the booth a lot in the blue jacket haha. Thank you so much for coming to the event! I didn't know that our benefit was going to reach so far, and having you come through really meant a lot to us. Hopefully this trip inspired more trips here! Thank you so much again.

Marc said...

You're welcome back to Fresno anytime, brotha. Thanks for the support!

Ryan Z said...

Damn these are some great shots. I love your work too. hopefully we can meet up down the road! stay up man.