Friday, October 30, 2009

Freaky Friday

It's that time of the year, once again, when people can dress up in ridiculous costumes and nobody would mind. Even though it seems to be that way all year around in front of Hollywood and Highland, for the rest of America (and participating countries), Halloween is usually their costume dress-up day of choice. Aside from joining the candy collection coalition or going to sexy Halloween parties, some people like to get a good fright off of a nice horror flick.

Personally, I've never gotten too much of a rise from horror flicks since I was 12. The only thing that really shocks me is when the movies have SUDDEN shock bits. So, I've been more prone to going to horror flicks to enjoy the gore. Though not all gore flicks are horror films, they seem to flirt (f*ck) with each other quite often. A favorite of mine is Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror...

So, continuing with my entire "What if Baybayin was still an active mainstream writing system?" campaign, I bring to you, the Philippine-release Planet Terror ad-poster, Planeta Ng Kilabot


Comparison to Original:


Honestly, I'm not even sure if "Planeta ng kilabot" is a correct translation, but I'm just making due with what tagalog-english dictionaries are telling me. The tagline reads "Walang kayong pagasa dito", or "You all shouldn't be here." Some of you may recognize that phrase as the first line from Bambu's song, Pull It Back. The model is my friend, brother in rhyme, fellow Wise Intellect, Stimey. He kinda got a zombie lookin thing going on while keepin it gangsta. Though I could EASILY make this as a poster and print, I think Trademark might be an issue? Unless I have some disambiguating fine print on the poster; that might work. If you're interested, let me know by either leaving a comment here, on twitter or facebook, and I'll consider sending some out.

Be safe, play safe, and stay up.



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