Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Indiana Banga

A while back I submitted a design for IU's Filipino Student Association's shirts and jackets. Today, via the Indiana University Filipino Student Association's website (IU FSA):
Today Carlos and Marisa picked up the new Filipino Student Association t-shirts just in time for the Filipino Americans Coming Together (FACT) Conference at the University of Illinois!

A big thank you to
David Lazaro for creating the coat of armor design and X-Printwear for the great print job!

I'll be honest; yellow wasn't what I had in mind, as yellow and black are quite close to Purdue colors (gold and black), and IU being our rival school... well.. hehe. I designed the back of the shirt. The idea behind the shirt design was to make a graphic symbol that represented both an academic atmosphere, with some Filipino heritage. Coat of arms, as it seems, is a common theme amongst older universities, and using the shape of a Philippine warrior shield I thought would have some cultural resonance. On the left of the shield is a stylized form of "Pilipino" in Baybayin, on the right is IU's school logo. The griffin flourishes in the back pay tribute to ibong adarna and the Philippine eagle, both birds representative of Filipino culture and history. IU's traditional colors are cream and crimson, so here's how it would've looked like as so:


But perhaps the yellow is to help better represent this year's MAFA theme, the sun and stars of the Philippines, which are also yellow? Anyways... if you're a college student in the midwest and would like to check these shirts out in person, learn about Filipino culture, mingle and swerve with some fly pinoys and pinays, then be sure to come through the FACT Conference (FOR FREE!) It's at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Check out the article for more info!

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