Friday, October 9, 2009

Gods and Tsunami's

A year or two ago, a tsunami hit the coast of China. A couple of months after, Rev. Tom Honey gave his thoughts about the role of a god in a world of tsunamis, wars and disasters at the TED conference. Though his delivery can sound like a church sermon (he's a reverend after all...), the points he made reflect much of the core beliefs (or lack thereof) of The Bathala Project. And with Typhoon Ondoy and the recent tsunami destruction, this powerful speech has regained its relevance to bring up a question and point that have eternally beckoned us all.

Pontificating and pondering is all good, but what we need now is action. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10TH at USC from 3pm to 8pm is THE MABUHAY FESTIVAL benefit concert to support relief aid in the Philippines from Typhoon Ondoy. Fall through, enjoy the food, performances, booths (specifically mine :-D) and your dollars spent will help re-construction efforts in the P.I. (via ASKI inc). Come through!

Mabuhay Festival 2009 flyer

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