Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back on that REAL Hip-Hop 'ish...

As always, the guy holding the camera (me) never gets in the photos or videos... too bad, I had a 5 minute freestyle that I was rockin pretty hot...

Eagle Rock Underground's open mic tuesdays!  This was from this week (Feb 03, 2009), and it was DOPE!  Shoutouts to Paragon, Zero, Diss-Ent, L. Scatter Brains, Lyraflip, Project Blowed, and all of the ERU crew and fam!

Check this exclusive!  Caught this on camera while Lyraflip and Scatter Brains had just entered the room while I handed the mic to Diss-Ent... STRAIGHT SPITTAZ!

It's for the kids
ERU Open Mic 2/3/09 - 1

Masta Zero catching wreck!
ERU Open Mic 2/3/09 - 2

Asethetics crew!
ERU Open Mic 2/3/09 - 3

Packed house that night
ERU Open Mic 2/3/09 - 4

Homie Diss-Ent!  F*ckin raw off the top
ERU Open Mic 2/3/09 - 5

Project Blowed representin!  Lyraflip and L. Scatter Brains
ERU Open Mic 2/3/09 - 6

Postin up
ERU Open Mic 2/3/09 - 7

Like pausing time...
ERU Open Mic 2/3/09 - 9

You don't gotta tell me... me and lyraflip do kinda look alike.  But he's like, 5'5", so just look up if you lookin for me.

~cyph WIC


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