Saturday, February 28, 2009

Networkin Swervin

Went out last night to the Terrace in Pasadena to touch face with some new ventures, and also catch Son of Ran, one of the illest Pinoy rappers out!

The host, the infamous Bambu...
Bambu hosting

Showing the homie Jojo what a "Red Corona" (Corona with a shot of grenadine) is all about!

Son of ran was just lyrically killin it... too bad his mic levels were low for the first half of his show.
Son of ran

Son of Ran's crew
Son of Ran crew

Who is this brotha that's Twittering in the middle of a hiphop show???

Lastly, the continuation of the faux-club-photographer series...
Morena is a Tagalog/Spanish word for "brown", and in context is referring to their skin. Unfortunately, tans and lovely dark brown tones aren't as appreciated in the Philippines, simply because of the Spanish influence. Because the fair skinned were immediately in the higher social class than the brown Filipinos, the Philippine peoples would develop the yearn for a foreign, fairer complextion, because their native beauty was no longer appreciated in their homeland.

But today, brown beauty is what we see.

It was great meeting up with people that are established in something they love doing. We shared similar philosophies when it comes to striving to stand out among our brothers, but still standing strong with the community. It was all love that night, I look forward to the next time we take a shot together, only this time to toast to what we've done rather than what we're going to do.


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