Friday, February 6, 2009

Rock Steady

The other night, my cousin went to a salsa club for her birthday. It was my first time dancing salsa... can't wait to try it again!  


Sumasayaw is the Tagalog word for Dancer. So here we have a picture of my cousin's friend, faux-tatted up with the Baybayin characters for Sumasayaw, being accompanied by her witty-footed friend. It was fun to watch!  

Biters fall back, or get your teeth cracked.
~cyph WIC



leilanie said...

sumasayaw means dancing, mananayaw is dancer. i love the concept of this project. keep it up

venglish157 said...

Bale' salsa is second only to Chi-town stepping keep up the good post Chi-town is watching -_-