Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can ya say Chi-city?

Big update!

For all FaceBook viewers, you'll need to check www.TheBathalaProject.com to see the video above.  But basically, I'm coming back to Chicago!  I'll be speaking at the MAFA conference at UIC this weekend (Feb 20-22), catching up with friends, making new ones, kicking ass and chewing bubble gum as always...

Till the end of the month, if you record and upload a video of yourself shouting out to The Bathala Project, e-mail me your video link (at Bathala1@gmail.com ) and I will PERSONALLY make you a Baybayin name card for free!  That's a $15 value for 15 seconds of recording, homeh!  
Big projects brewing, stay cooling, no fooling.

~cyph WIC


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