Sunday, February 1, 2009

Proper Afterthoughts

First and foremost, shoutout and thanks to SCPASA, UCR Katipunan, and everyone who came to the conference. Specifically, everyone who came to my workshop! I got a lot of good feedback, and overheard good things about what people thought about my workshop. I figured, if I treated the presentation half like a spoken word performance, and half like a professional presentation, I could captivate the young crowd. It was a pretty good formula.

Secondly, for those that attended my workshop, I understand that the character sheets that were handed out were improperly printed. So, here's a copy of the proper character sets:

Baybayin Character set

Kuldit examples

Third, here are some useful and informative links regarding Baybayin:
Eagles Corner Online Baybayin Translator - Just type and translate! BE SURE to first translate into Tagalog syllables first!
A Philippine Leaf - Hector Santos, one of the first to ever post articles online about Baybayin. TONS of information and history on the script.
Pinoy - I like looking at the photos of other people's Baybayin tatts. 
BAHALA Meditations - If you recall the entire bit about Bahala, and the characters take it to different meanings, this is the article that I was referring to. Very good read, it goes deeper into Bahala and the relation to spirituality.

Fourth and finally... pictures from the event. :-D

On my way to the conference, fixin my tie, tryna stay fresh and crispy:

My personal event Photographer and workshop slideshow-clicker, Ms. Liberty
My Photographer

Checkin the SCene
SCPASA overlook

SCPASA Tables 2


My Table



After my workshop, I headed back to my table to answer questions and take personal requests for writing personal Baybayin name cards. I was surprised how many people lined up at the table! It was great to see so many take interest in Baybayin, and to get so much positive feedback from the workshop attendees themselves.

Baybayin stylin @ SCPASA 1

Baybayin stylin @ SCPASA 4

Baybayin stylin @ SCPASA 2

Baybayin stylin @ SCPASA 3



Had the opportunity to do some interviews (Holla one time to the backroom podcast crew!), and met up with some cool peoples (Holla one time to the Shoulder-to-Shoulder crew, SCPASA coordinators and Doctor Rodriguez!)

Homie Julius


SCPASA crew interview

Me and the Doc!

And after a long day of some good workshops and networking, the Afterset. Bambu rockin the stage, DJs rockin away...


Bambu live!

Bam and friends

Me and Phatrick

Chillin and scratchin

Dance away

A great night, I had a blast... met up with some of the workshop attendees, and spit some game. And at the end of the night, when my cousin and I got back to my car, Karma decided to rear it's head and bring me back to Earth:

Oh well


Really though, I was still on my feel-good high, so I could've cared less. And it's all thanks to the people that made it such a fun ride... though the ride home was rather cold!

Ah yes, and out of all the pictures I took (much more will be posted on my Facebook), only two came out that I found appealing for my Faux-Club-Photographer series. Enjoy:

SCPASA Picture series 1

SCPASA Picture series 2


~cyph WIC


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