Tuesday, February 10, 2009

House of Cards

Funny.  When designing business cards for other people, I'm typically very sure of what I'm doing, hardly ever stumbling on design concepts.  But for designing my own busuiness cards, I could spend hours on font sizes... let alone font type and color...

Bathala Cards

The front Baybayin script reads "Ang Bahala Proyekto" (The Bahala/Bathala Project).  Also, the fine print text on the back side reads, "All photos taken may or may not be chosen to be posted online.  All rights reserved.  Photos may be taken down per request."

This bit of disclaimer is for when I do my fake-club-photographer game, and if I happen to choose one of the drunk beezies pics to do some Baybayin-Alteration... to post up :-D

One thing I'm still unsure on: "Baybayin Art" or "Baybayin Artist"?  Or what about just "Artist"?  Opinions are more than welcome on this!

~cyph WIC


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