Thursday, February 5, 2009


On my way to design a "Bahala Na" tatt for Ms. Evey, I was looking through a few of my books for inspiration; Usugrow's art book, The Calligrapher's Bible, Tssst: Pixacao, Graffiti World...

Finally, I stumbled upon a book I haven't taken a look at in a good while: Word into Art, Artists of the Modern Middle East (By Venetia Porter).  If any of you are into modern calligraphy, specifically Arabic Calligraphy, then this is a MUST pick up!  One thing that really separates the Arabic writing system from others is how much the letters connect and flow.  The simplicity of the stroke design, in effect, births the complexity of its overall aesthetic.  

So, after a few trials, I came out with 6 flowing-scripts for "Bahala Na"

She's looking for a piece to flow down the side of her rib cage/back/side torso.  I think this flows much more than my individual character piece, but I'll give it up for the other one too because the individual charater piece is dope in that superimposed upon the Bahala Na characters are also the charaters for her name...

Anyways, I hope she enjoys the designs, and to the rest that have inquired about tatt pieces, this is just a glimpse of the work process.

Quality over quanity, FREEHAND over FONTS.

~cyph WIC


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