Friday, May 29, 2009

Ad-ding Up

Lately most of my Baybayin pieces have either been simple hand-style studies or computer based, making it seem like I totally ditched painting canvas pieces altogether. But really, I'm trying to figure out a certain conceptual study on Baybayin design to follow through with to incorporate into what-if, real-world applications, as exampled by the faux-Magazine cover and Dining-Menu concepts...

Well, I think I'm starting to hone in as to what my next series is going to be: Baybayin Ads. Much like Nordenx's take on Pepsi and Coke ads, I'm looking to use Baybayin in pseudo magazine-ads that not only use Baybayin, but also have stylized character forms to communicate a graphic resonance as well... The more I'm getting into typography, the more the possibilities of using Baybayin in these types of concepts grow... Now if only I had the patience to generate all of these Baybayin "typefaces" at a whim!

Anyways, here's a quick non-Baybayin piece I did up for a movie-poster study. The font used is called "Capture it", and this is a study on using cropping and multiple photos to develop a single composition. I used the Smokin' Aces movie poster as a basic template, and tried to give a Guy Ritchie feel to it... It works... kinda.

Cousin Movie Poster
Like Roscoe Umali said, "I'm Filipino, I roll deep with 50 cousins." There were too many of them to fit in this piece!

Stay up!



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