Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Swaggin

Another Free Swag Thursday has finally arrived! Be sure to follow either Twitter or Facebook for your chance to win!

A while ago a winner of Free Swag Thursday was given a name card featuring his last name, Dionisio. Dionisio is also a first name, which some Filipinos translate to "Johnny". I guess it makes sense, with "Dio-" supposing to make the "Jo-" sound.

Baybayin calligraphy: Dionisio

A bit of hand style, a bit of Asian-character references, all tied into this piece.  I tried to make the kudlits follow the shape of the characters and follow typography spacing rules with the characters.  As far as I know however, Baybayin doesn't really have descenders or ascenders since all characters are the same height (thus all have the same X height since there are no caps either)... I'll have to look into that.

A fun little project is soon to be revealed, stay up!



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