Friday, May 1, 2009

Fineless Refinement

Earlier this week I revealed a Baybayin handstyle inspired by cholo/gang placas and Pixacao lettering. With further refinement, I decided to give the lines more depth using a wider edged calligraphy pen. An interesting characteristic about this pen is that depending on the pressure given to the nib you can catch streaks, which give the strokes a visual texture.

fst yalong

This name card was for Mr. Virgil Yalong of the infamous San Diego based website, The Backroom Podcast, for having won Free Swag Thursday. According to their website...

The Backroom Podcast Show is a community-based and listener-driven podcast. Its a free service we provide to our thousands of listeners since its inception in 2005. Our reach is international, national and regional - yet our focus is in communities we live in: San Diego.

Covering issues that affect our listeners and their communities - from contemporary arts & culture to social and political issues.

Listen to current and past episodes. You can download it to your iPod, iTunes, or simply stash and listen on your computer.

I met the Backroom team at the SCPASA summit after my Baybayin workshop. These brothas hustle hard! As soon as their interviews were done, they jumped right back into their car and drove off to cover a night event in San Diego. Ridiculous.

I got a little music project relating to Baybayin that I'll soon officially reveal. I shared the rough cut already on both the Twitter and Facebook accounts, but as soon as I get the verses retouched, I'll soon show you all how this 2nd Gen Fil-Am Hip-hopper really gets down!

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