Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Have faith...

BUSY WEEK. Ridiculous! But here's some flavor to tide you all over...

Tiwala comps

"Tiwala" is the closest equivalence to "Faith" I could find. Vertical orientation, intending to be tattooed on the left side of the female client's body. I exaggerated some of the curves of the Baybayin characters while following the natural shape of the female body. Also, by making the characters complementary, they give the look as if the characters were puzzle pieces fitting together; and though the "La" character is quite isolated, geometrically it fits into the crevice created by the "Wa" character.

But there was some miscommunication as to which comp the client wanted refined, and it turned out it wasn't this one! Freebie.

BIG projects coming up... so STAY UP!


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