Monday, May 25, 2009

For The Kids!

Straight up jacked from the homie Zar's site, Pnoy Apparel. TO ALL MY EAST COAST FAN, SUPPORT THE CHILDREN!

"Shirt The Kids Charity Campaign:
The PNOY Apparel Company Inc. will be hosting the Shirt The Kids Charity Showcase NYC fundraiser at Rebel NYC on June 6, 2009 at 8 pm at 251 West 30th Street New York, NY 10001.   PNOY Apparel is giving back to its homeland in a HUGE way. In 2003, almost 23.8 million people lived below the Philippines poverty threshold. Forty-four percent of the population lived on two US dollars or less a day. Majority of children in the Philippines are raised without essential needs for survival, food, clothes, and a future outside of economic deficiency. How can PNOY Apparel help?

PNOY Apparel will be hosting the Shirt The Kids Charity Showcase NYC that will combine todays leading Filipino American emcees and artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City to address the economic injustice in the Philippines. The line up will include California based emcees Bambu and Kiwi, New Yorks own Deep Foundation, San Diego based Ashley Robles, all hosted by Ruby Veridiano-Ching of Ill-Iteracy.

The mission of the event is to promote and raise donations for PNOY Apparel's Shirt The Kids Charity Campaign, where every $5 donated buys a Sammy The Sunshine shirt for an underprivileged child in the Philippines. The goal, to raise 10, 000 Sammy The Sunshine tees for 10,000 kids! PNOY Apparel has also organized evens such as the A Sammy Thing San Diego charity concert that sold out crowd of 1200 and Sammys Wine & Dine that crossed generation boundaries."

That's wassup.



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