Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Looks

The homie Jon de Castro (a.k.a. Jon de Cash-flo), Director of PR for the Pinoy-American clothing line, Ethnik Roots, and all around network hustler, was kind enough to put up an article about yours truly and The Bathala Project. Check it out on his website!

I first met Jonny Cashflo at the MAFA 2009 conference at UIC. He was there, helping his Ethnik Roots crew get the word out and sell some shirts. Also, he was there to finally introduce the first MAFA (Midwest American Filipino Association) coordinator team, much like the SCPASA (Southern California Pilipino American Student Association) crew in Southern California, to the midwest Fil-Am student org delegates. The vision of a MAFA coordination committee was an idea that many of the midwest Fil-Am student org organizers shared during my hey-day, and it was just so dope to see it come to fruition.

Wonder what he looks and sounds like? Check the drop:

Ethnik Roots Drop from cyphaflip on Vimeo.

THIS WEEK is going to be a little low on the Baybayin activity, but high on the performance acts. Tuesday night I'll be falling through Da Poetry Lounge in Fairfax, hopefully getting on the mic that night. Also, FRIDAY night, me and my fellow Wise Intellects Crew-mate, DJ Stimey, will be MC'ing and performing at the Muir Rockin' For The Arts Festival & Concert. It's a benefit ROCK AND ROLL concert featuring John Muir middle school's performers, helping to support the youths and the arts.

That's right, it's a Rock and Roll concert, meaning WIC will be the only ones representing for the Hip Hop community. AND we're MC'ing the event... heh heh heh heh...

Stay tuned for more info, Free Swag Thursday will be in effect, and a new project will be revealed Wednesday!

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BTW, this bad boy is still up for GRABS. Contact for purchase inquiries:



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