Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crash Delays

Spoken Word Sunday will have to be delayed this week; it's actually not really a spoken word piece (though it does have clips of spoken word in it), but regardless, Sony Vegas isn't liking me right now. This is my first time witnessing it crash consistently. This video must be blowing it's mind!

But to tide you all over for now, check out this Photoshop study of mine. It's a fake magazine cover for my astral-plane syndication, "Baybayin Stylin'" It'd be nice to see something like this, but with the Baybayin writing community so small and with such a niche audience (for now that is), I don't think this publication would last more than 5 issues...

Faux Baybayin Magazine

It's the infamous Mahal heart, with me, holding it like I'm revealing a secret... that secret sauce of swag! But anyways, THIS WEEK, when I get this new video mixed down, you will all be treated to something special. So stay up!


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