Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pieces of Flare

Baybayin Tag - Fresh

"Sariwa" is the Tagalog word for "Fresh" (as in, freshly made, fresh ingredients, yo that shit is fresh). In Baybayin (Alibata), this would phonetically translate to "Sa-Di-Wa", as shown. This video isn't about graffiti or tagging, rather, it's about the technique used to write the Baybayin characters called "flaring". Using your wrist and distance from the wall to control the size of the spray, one can achieving lines that go from fat to skinny using this technique. Also, with the utilization of a farther spray, a mist effect can be observed on the fatter end of the line to achieve a shadowy look. This is not the emulation of a graffiti style. This IS a graffiti style.

But, like all things fresh, it eventually goes stale. In this case, it gets buffed (painted over). Immediacy living a life of impermanence. That's life.

Track by Blue Scholars - Inkwell

All resemblance on the streets is purely coincidence. The owner of the video account does not claim to have done the acts shown in the video. The Bathala Project is only in association through uploading and featuring the video file.

Stay up.


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