Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aw, made you LOOK... a slave to a page in my sketch book! (ala Nas)


Honestly, I am so touched by everyone's concern about the website, concern about The Bathala Project, the Baybayin movement and my legal-well-being. This entire April-Foolery may have been more believable to my close friends and family, knowing my history with Copyright law run-ins, and other matters of law, so to all my loved ones, ya kuya's all good.

I felt bad for those that gave their (seemingly) sincere sympathies, but I felt like the joke needed to run its course, and was quite sure that everyone would figure it out by the end of the day. I left clues as well! Section 4-01, aka Section April 1st. Consulate Ferdinand M(agellan) Bonafacio? What? And the alt-html code: "April Fools! :-D"

But real talk, I am thankful to have received so many concerned replies, and I feel INSPIRED to validate everyone's show of support! So, to SHOW MY GRATITUDE, come FREE SWAG THURSDAY on both Twitter and Facebook responses, the first 5 people to simply REPLY to the Free Swag Thursday holler will be awarded some free swag! That's BOTH Twitter and Facebook, meaning 5 from each, meaning 10 WINNERS OF FREE BAYBAYIN SWAG!

I love you all, thank you much for the concern and support, and happy April Fools day.



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