Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spoken Word Sunday (err... Tuesday)

Serious lagging this week, catching up on pieces and other business. This week's spoken word piece isn't even part of The Bathala Project, but I think it was a fantastic find.

I was looking for a Tagalog spoken word piece to feature, and most of what I've found are very traditional structured recitation pieces, which I don't really groove with. However, I found this video by sister Melinda Bobis who introduces the "Tiksikan" (spelling?) which is a traditional form of poetry performance between two people trying to one-up each other on both content and swagger.

Essentially, Filipinos were freestyle battling since the loincloth days. WHAT?!

The concept was so dope, and so familiar to my freestyle rapping glory days that an instant connection was found, that I wanted to share this with you all. So, without further adieu: The Wordshed - Merlinda Bobis, Filipino poetry that punches

That's wassup.


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