Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spoken Word Sundays & Faux Photography (Hollywood Highlands)

So here we are again; another day-after-the-club, another disclaimer to put:

The disclaimer: To all the people visiting this site, looking for your pictures from The Highlands (April 11, 2009), I'm sorry to inform you that I'm NOT a club photographer. I'm an artist that works with an ancient Filipino writing script called Baybayin... that sometimes takes photographs of people at clubs and hand them my business card, which brings them to my website. Clever guerrilla marketing, no? But for making the effort of modeling your lovely selves to the camera for me (and for free!), visiting the website (and browsing around), and for being such a good sport about it all, in return I post your pictures.

Now let's get to it.

The homie DJ Stimey provided the transportation to get there. Lookin cool in the blue.

Highlands was cool. Not as crackin as it usually gets, meaning there was enough room to spread your arms out and not touch anybody (sometimes). And as always, people will model for free if you tell them you're taking pictures for "THE" website. Saying "A" website gets you stink faces.






Oh the cheekbone dimple. That's wassup!







Gotta give it up to the coolest brotha in the club, the bathroom guy:


Go-go gadget dance



By the time I got to these two, I ran out of business cards:


So homegirl rolled up her sleeve and let me get up! I'm looking for models to body paint btw...


And finally, THE WINNERS of the Faux-Club-Photographer series of the night is this group. Yet again, another "Everyone but that guy smiles" picture. The Tagalog word for "smile" is "Ngiti". So, translated into the ancient Filipino script of Baybayin, this would be expreesed as "Nge-Te". Check the fake-tatt steez:


Closing time


I lost Stimey, tried calling him hella times to no avail. So, thought I could wait it out from the outside. Started street stompin Hollywood.



Out of nowhere this brotha just sits on top of some random person's car hood. But when the light turned green, the driver just made their turn and kept going...



Dyin to shine


So I met this group of beautiful ladies (and the 1 lucky brotha) outside. I don't know what it is... but as soon as one of them saw my camera, sister girl asks, "Are you a photographer?"



Happy birthday to homegirl 2nd from left in the above picture! We chop it up for a quick second, but out of nowhere some random stranger woman cuts into the middle on some "dying to shine" steez. Funny enough though is that she looks like she belongs in the pic.



I still couldn't find Stimey who drove us there, and I needed to get home early cause I had stuff to do early the next morning (which is today, and which I'm still working on...). But anyways, I start hailing cabs... 1, 2, 3 pass by, and finally this cab in the opposite traffic flow busts a bitch (performs a U-turn) and pulls up to me.


We start choppin it up, and it turns out my cab driver just turned 27 that day. Happy birthday part 2. The brotha just came from Russia earlier this year, hoping to become an actor, but soon hit a wall of sorts. Pretty cool guy though. Eventually he asks what kind of music I listen to: hiphop and jazz mostly, I said. He smiles and replies, "Oh yeah? You want to hear some Russian rap?"

Homie pops in a cd and he starts bobbin his head to some Russian rhymes. Sounded pretty dope, and the instrumental style was real unique. So I ask, "Can you spit?"

and thus, we have this week's Spoken Word Sunday: Kash

Another night of guerrilla marketing completed.

Almost done with my new Baybayin project, details soon... and please believe, this one is nation wide, bruddah.

Stay up,



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