Monday, April 6, 2009

Masterpiece Monday

Last week, to return all the love I got from, during, and after April fools, I promised to award 5 people to whoever replied to The Bathala Project on Facebook, and 5 more to those who tweeted The Bathala Project on Twitter.  Being sent today (Monday) will be all 10 pieces of hand made swag!  9 name cards and 1 lucky winner will receive the #13 of 20 (gold with red accent colorway) Mahal Poster!  


If you've ever wondered how long it takes me to do these, or simply wondered what it looks like when I write Baybayin with calligraphy pens, here it is in this video. This time around, I played around with a couple of handstyles I've been developing. One card you can see I pull out the heart-shape again, one you see that I rip up into shreads because I was unsatisfied with it... and near the end, you see me writing "Bahala" on the back of the envelopes. Congrats to all the participants, and to everyone else, stay up every Thursday on either Facebook or Twitter for your chance to win some free swag!

Lastly, as you can recall from yesterday's Spoken Word Sunday post, I was more than impressed with USC's PCN cultural dances, specifically the Muslim Suite! As promised, the 2 part videos of the unfortunately incomplete Muslim Suite, performed by Troy Philippines, coordinated by Eryne Lagman, Vince Mejia, and "Tita Chona" (longtime member of the Bayanihan Dance Company) as well as the Sining Ginto dance troupe.

Part 1

Part 2


A couple of credit notes from the brotha Vincent Mejia, USC PCN Coordinator

On behalf of TroyPhi and as the overall PACN coord, thanks for all the love. it means a lot to us to be even mentioned in your blog. i remember you from the SCPASA summit workshops so much love for all you do for our culture. Just some minor details to include in your descriptions of our muslim suite:

- Nimuel Ornillo was also a coordinator

- The Muslim Suite was an adaptation of the folktale of "Suliman and Indarapatra"

- "Suliman and Indarapatra" and the "Sari Manok" story and choreography are "trademarks" of Sining Ginto. You know a member of Sining Ginto was the PACN coord (yours truly) if this was the Singkil/Muslim.

- Tita Chona heads the Sining Ginto dance troupe, and i am one of her students. Her impact is larger than Bayanihan and USC, as many of her students were PCN coordinators at many other California universities including: CSUN, UCR, LMU, CSULB, SJSU, UCI, UCLA, Mount Saint Mary's

Thanks a bunch for the love man.

In Solidarity,
Vincent Mejia
USC PACN Coordinator 2009

Coming soon: The TP Modern dance piece...



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