Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Butangero Bangin'

While researching for a client's piece I was looking for the word "pride", but there's much disambiguation needed when translating. Some words that are associated to "pride" are haughty, snobbery, and braggadocios. One person suggested I use "Ipagmalaki", which unfortunately refers to "prideful", rather than "pride" (as in, pride for one's country and heritage".

However, I thought "Ipagmalaki" would be a great word to write anyways because of its character usage, and what it imposes; an audacious pride. Referring to local Los Angeles gang placas, where tall, skinny letters are scrawled along the walls of the neighborhood to show "who runs this shit", such an audacious pride is inherent in both the location of the placas, as well as the audacity in writing your own name and associates within the crime.

Baybayin - ipagmalaki

Taking from this style, I came up with my own neighborhood-handstyle, mixed with a bit of stop-break calligraphy and pixacao letter separation. I think this gives it a rather bold look (especially to those that recognize what it resembles), and will probably proliferate this style later into a full piece.

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