Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Symmetrical Sting

Growing up, I never really had a favorite color that I stuck with. When I was a toddler and the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became my first toy-and-tv obsession, I thought Donatello's color of purple would be my favorite color. But then when Power Rangers came out and Tommy, the green ranger with a golden vest, came on to the scene, I thought maybe my favorite color would be green. As the fads came and went, I was looking for colors and imagery that represented myself more as an individual.

Then one day, zodiac signs became the cool thing to cling to, and since everyone had one, I looked mine up. It turns out my zodiac sign, Scorpio, is described to be...
...fiercely independent. They are able to accomplish anything they put their mind to and they won't give up. They are perfectly suited to being on their own. They are not social butterflies like some other zodiac signs and some actually prefer to live on their own that way there is never any issue of who controls what at home, they like to be in control.
Also, it turned out that their colors are red and black. I liked the description of the Scorpio, hoping that I would grow up to be what it described fellow November babies to be (except I also wanted to be a social butterfly), and I made red and black my official favorite colors for a while...

Practicing with Adobe Illustrator CS4, I came to doing a radial symmetry piece based on my zodiac sign, the Scorpio, and revisited my old favorite colors, red and black.

Alakdan websize

You'll see the baybayin characters for "Alakdan", which is "Scorpion" in Tagalog. I'm trying to get more into using Adobe Illustrator, and this radial symmetry piece was a great study piece as I learned much about some of the functionality fundamentals. I have to admit, Illustrator CS4 is some good stuff. And the new Adobe Bridge CS4 is the bee's knees...

A print for this piece is available for purchase on my DeviantArt. Dedicated to all my fellow Scorpios out there, continue the on going passions, and try to keep hungry and humble... and f*ck Leos.

Stay up,


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